Lin Xiaolu (Daisy) profile

Lin Xiaolu (Daisy) information

  • Name Lin Xiaolu (Daisy)
  • Zodiac Capricorn
  • Height 165
  • Birthday 1993-12-29
  • Measurements B81 W61 H86
  • Born Taipei, Taiwan, China
  • Professional Model, cheerleading
  • Interest Dancing, singing, filming, reading, traveling, baking
  • Collections 1 collections
  • Views 2111

Daisy, Taiwanese model, full-time Dancer, Lamigirls cheerleaders, she has a pure and sweet face, she has gained a very high popularity in a short time, becoming one of the most popular members of the group, in addition to dancing, the deer It’s a good idea to be a macaron, and it seems to be able to make male friends sweet.