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Arisara Karbdecho (Arisara Karbdecho) information

  • Name Arisara Karbdecho (Arisara Karbdecho)
  • Zodiac Libra
  • Height 165
  • Birthday 1997-10-07
  • Measurements
  • Born Bangkok, Thailand
  • Professional student
  • Interest Food
  • Collections 2 collections
  • Views 110172

Arisara Karbdecho, a network of red people in Thailand, a topical beauty, is known as the "Lollipo Girl". She is currently studying at Bangkok University. The white-skinned single-eyed sister is more like a Chinese in terms of face, and secondly she has an invincible Tong Yan's powerful breasts blessing, like Japanese anime, she often shares her cuteness on Facebook and IG, cute eyes + cute movements + cute expressions... She almost covers all the skills that can be captured. Her FB fans are about to break through 1 million, which is very popular.