xGirls Mature woman collections

The word mature is a vocabulary that has been circulated from the Japanese communication community and now refers to mature women between the ages of 30 and 50. But not all mature women are mature women, and the mature women we are talking about here are not just sexual maturity.

Eri Kitagawa

Idol, car model, driving school instructor

Michiko Kichise

Actor, model

Miho Nakayama

Actor, singer

Jeannie Hsieh

Singer, actor

Kurotani Tomoka

Actor, model

Yoko Minamino

Actor, singer, host

Vicky Chen

Actor, moderator

Aya Beppu

Photo idol

Noriko Hamada

Singer, actor

Haruka Nanami

Photo idol, car model


Actor, host, model, socialite

Vivian Hsu

Singer, actor

Yoshino Kimika

Actor, photo idol

Hirako Risa

Model, singer


Model, host, actor

Lin Chi-ling

Model, actor, host

Wakako Shimazaki

Actor, host, singer

Mamiko Mise

Car model

Yiko Kuboke

Actor, pharmacist

Yuuko Nakagawa

Weather anchor

Home management

Nakamori Akina

Singer, actor

Tomoko Kaneda

Voice actor