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Lee Su-bin (Lee Soo Bin) information

  • Name Lee Su-bin (Lee Soo Bin)
  • Zodiac Gemini
  • Height 169
  • Birthday 1990-05-23
  • Measurements
  • Born Seoul Special City, South Korea
  • Professional BJ, model
  • Interest
  • Collections 5 collections
  • Views 118094

Lee Soo Bin ( e Le, Lee Soo Bin), South Korea's afreeca BJ (nickname 열매), part-time Madou, Seoul special city. Li Xiubin has a slender figure, slender legs, and a large bust that is inconsistent with it. It is paired with a big-eyed melon face. It has become a new goddess to kill any otaku. It has also been labeled as a "Korean version of a real doll" and a Korean version of BJ. Nami" and so on. In addition, she also has a twin sister, Li Huijing, who is very similar to Li Xiubin's appearance. Some netizens call them "baby dolls and flowers."