Li Xueting Anna (Anna) profile

Li Xueting Anna (Anna) information

  • Name Li Xueting Anna (Anna)
  • Zodiac Capricorn
  • Height 166
  • Birthday 1994-01-18
  • Measurements B86 W62 H88
  • Born China Changsha, Hunan
  • Professional Students, graphic models, DJs, anchors
  • Interest Tourism
  • Collections 11 collections
  • Views 92886

Li Xueting Anna, student model, Dj, female anchor (Zanjiao: 55346047), graduated from Hunan University Finance Department, Huda School Flower, former Shanghai Pinhao Interactive Media Co., Ltd. Pink Pavilion model, currently Hunan Shenggu Culture Media Co., Ltd. Signing an artist. Li Xueting has a smart pair of eyes and a good figure. The series of sexy and feminine photos released online in 2015 have been praised by netizens as "the goddess of the new era" and "the beauty of the comics."