Nagasaki Rina (Rina Nikki) profile

Nagasaki Rina (Rina Nikki) information

  • Name Nagasaki Rina (Rina Nikki)
  • Zodiac Libra
  • Height 165
  • Birthday 1987-09-26
  • Measurements B80 W58 H85
  • Born Tokyo, Japan
  • Professional Actor, model
  • Interest Volleyball, swimming, ballet, dance
  • Collections 7 collections
  • Views 20482

Nagasaki Rina (ながさきりな), a Japanese actor and model, graduated from the Tokyo Metropolitan University of Tokyo and graduated from the Liberal Arts Department of the Rikkyo University. In Shibuya, he was directly explored by scouts and entered the art world. In 2005, idols and entertainers also debuted, and were also active on the cover of Shueisha’s "Weekly Juvenile JUMP" cover and many weekly magazines and comic magazines. The "U-19 Idol popularity list" selected as the FLASH Stimulus Magazine of the Optical Society has been ranked first for 2 consecutive years. It is said that Nagasaki Rina also raised two horses.