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  • Name Aoi Yu (Yu Aoi)
  • Zodiac Leo
  • Height 160
  • Birthday 1985-08-17
  • Measurements B81(B) W58 H82
  • Born Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan, Japan
  • Professional Actor, dance, actor
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Aoi (August 17, 1985 -), Japanese actress, whose real name is Xia Jingyou, Fukuoka Prefecture. Height is 160 cm, blood type is A, Leo. The director of Iwai Shunji’s love will. In 2006, after becoming a blue ribbon with "Fusang Flower Girl", he won 15 performance awards in succession, and was called by the Japanese as one of the "three pillars of the future Japanese film industry." Aoi and his friend Miyazaki are also known as "DOUBLE AOI", and they are recognized as the best performers in the Japanese film actress.

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