Huang Guanjie (BirdyBirdy) profile

Huang Guanjie (BirdyBirdy) information

  • Name Huang Guanjie (BirdyBirdy)
  • Zodiac Capricorn
  • Height 170
  • Birthday 1994-12-28
  • Measurements B86(D) W61 H81
  • Born New Taipei City, Taiwan, China
  • Professional Fitness trainer, model
  • Interest League of legends
  • Collections 2 collections
  • Views 1349

Huang Guanjie, nicknamed BirdyBirdy, Birds, Taiwanese sister, 24-32 gym fitness coach, is also a popular hero of the League of Legends. Huang Guanjie studied at Furen University and worked in the Burger Control Bistro in Taipei in his spare time. With the V face and exquisite facial features, the whole body also exudes the taste of Korean beauty, coupled with the super-perfect proportion of the body, became the store's "town shop" "Flower", the manager and staff said that after she came, the business in the store was booming.