Hiroko Kamada (Hiroko Kamada) profile

Hiroko Kamada (Hiroko Kamada) information

  • Name Hiroko Kamada (Hiroko Kamada)
  • Zodiac Virgo
  • Height 162
  • Birthday 1989-09-18
  • Measurements B80 W58 H80
  • Born Tokyo, Japan
  • Professional Model, singer
  • Interest Cosplay, comics, painting, shopping
  • Collections 6 collections
  • Views 20672

镰田纮子 (镰田纮子, かまたひろこ), Japanese rookie idol model, Loli is a beautiful girl. In the middle school, Sadako was also explored by the scouts in the middle school and entered the art world. He graduated from June 2004 to May 2006. During this period, he was the exclusive model of "ピチレモン" (Learning Research Society) and performed art activities. Starred in the international blue cross girl, Intel's advertising and so on. In June 2010, Tokyo Mobile Sports Entertainment Network also had a column serialization. In 2011, the idol artist's illustration won the first place in the voting. In the same year, he began composing himself. The first CD album "ICHIBANBOSHI" was released and the first concert was 500. Tickets sold out and in 2013 served as ZEST girls. Putian MM also has a certain popularity in mainland China, but many otaku fans are still looking forward to her going to the sea.