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Lara (Lara) information

  • Name Lara (Lara)
  • Zodiac Capricorn
  • Height 162
  • Birthday 1990-12-23
  • Measurements B76(D) W56 H84
  • Born China Taipei, Taiwan
  • Professional Plane model, showgirl, fitness instructor
  • Interest Extreme sports, swimming
  • Collections 1 collections
  • Views 1611

Lara, Taiwanese sister, graduated from the Dance Department of Tainan University of Science and Technology. She is currently a fitness instructor at the World Gym Fitness Club. She is also a super-flat graphic model. She recently had a super violent vest on her Facebook. The netizens saw that they were "too sexy" and "too fouled." She often took photos of the Facebook fan group, so there were many fans.