Huh, Yun-Mi (Heo Yun Mi) profile

Huh, Yun-Mi (Heo Yun Mi) information

  • Name Huh, Yun-Mi (Heo Yun Mi)
  • Zodiac Aries
  • Height 172
  • Birthday 1986-03-23
  • Measurements B88(E) W63 H85
  • Born Incheon, South Korea
  • Professional Singer, model
  • Interest Game
  • Collections 8 collections
  • Views 22600

Xu Yunmei (Heo Yun Mi), a Korean singer, is also one of the more popular car models. In 2007, Xu Yunmei launched the digital single album "Booming SWANS!". Xu Yunmei participated in several major auto shows such as Super Race 2010 and Scooter Race Championship 2011. Xu Yunmei used to enter the entertainment industry as a singer in the past, and then entered the modelling world. In addition to shooting print ads, photo, and Xu Yunmei, they often appear in major stores, and they are put on sexy and sexy showgirl costumes. They show sweet smiles and good milk, and enjoy the scene with the audience. . As a candidate for the 2013 Asian Model Awards, the Korean actress Xu Yunmei has recently exposed a large-scale photo collection on the Internet. The photo collection of Xu Yunmei is naked and shows a perfect slender figure, emitting a deadly sexy charm. It’s astounding to have a full nude look. After the photo was exposed on the Internet, it caused a lot of controversy. Especially the full and round breasts were very tempting, which made many Korean netizens criticize, saying that in order to absorb gold and win the eyeball, they would not hesitate to be naked.