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  • Name Samona (Crystal)
  • Zodiac Libra
  • Height 166
  • Birthday 1989-10-10
  • Measurements B88 W62 H86
  • Born Jiangsu, China
  • Professional Actor, yoga instructor
  • Interest Horseback riding, travel, taekwondo, archery, shooting, billiards
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Crystal, formerly known as Sanmena, a young actor from mainland China, is also a yoga instructor. She has won the top ten environmental ambassadors in China, Gandhi in India won the certificate of senior yogi, and the Yunnan Volunteers Association awarded star volunteers and golden pheasant flowers. Micro Film Festival outstanding film Silver Crane Award. His masterpieces are "House Times", "Spicy Female Soldiers", "New White Haired Witch Biography", "Interpolation Wars" and so on.

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