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  • Name Yuuko Shoji (Yuuko Shouji)
  • Zodiac Pisces
  • Height 160
  • Birthday 1984-02-22
  • Measurements B86(F) W56 H85
  • Born Kobe City, Hyogo Prefecture, Japan
  • Professional Model, yoga instructor
  • Interest Yoga, karaoke, basketball, massage
  • Collections 0 collections
  • Views 1095

Zhuang Siyouzi (Zhuang Siyu), a famous Japanese model, yoga instructor, was born in Kobe City, Hyogo Prefecture. Zhuang Siyouzi, who is good at dancing, was once a member of "Ebisu Muscat" and shot "Please!" Muscat Grapes! マスカット 》, its unique dance steps are also known as dance genius, but the fortunes are not good, each time and the opportunity is deviated, but the popularity is steadily improved, ranked in the blog comprehensive ranking in July 2009 second. In February 2010, the 26-year-old Zhuang Siyou released the first photo album "February 22", and then took a large-scale nude photo, with excellent size and glamorous looks, selling a lot. After obtaining the yoga qualification certificate in June 2010, in October of the same year, a yoga training class was held in Shibuya, and a yoga instructor and an industrialist were started. Privately related to the female racing player and racing girl Ito Lina.

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