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  • Name Park Ji ()
  • Zodiac
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  • Measurements B91(D) W61 H94
  • Born Cheongdam-dong, South Korea
  • Professional Fitness coach
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Park Ji-en (???, JJ), a fitness instructor at Cheongdam-dong, South Korea, is known as "Zheng Duoyan's strongest opponent" and has a "devil" and a solid face and a sweet face. Dare to call Zheng aunt's must not be a leisurely generation, healthy bronze skin color, exaggerated breasts and bumpy body, had to give her 32 thumbs up with a thumbs up. Netizens guessed that her age should be more than 20 points. Many people read her photos and said: "This figure is too ferocious! And the face is beautiful, the chest muscles are so big, and it doesn't make people live." It is reported that Park Ji-en has been on many programs to teach people to lose weight and exercise.

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