Denise Milani (Denisa Krajickova Trlica) profile

Denise Milani (Denisa Krajickova Trlica) information

  • Name Denise Milani (Denisa Krajickova Trlica)
  • Zodiac Taurus
  • Height 162
  • Birthday 1980-04-24
  • Measurements B91(D) W61 H97
  • Born Czech Frydek-Mistek
  • Professional Model, fitness coach
  • Interest Exercise, sports
  • Collections 2 collections
  • Views 1304

Denise Milani, model of the Czechoslovak, born in Frydek-Mistek, moved to California in the United States at the age of 21, initially as a fitness instructor, and later in the Miss Bikini, she was proud of her The figure of the person stood out and won the championship. Since then, she has quickly become popular with the hot photos on her personal website. At present, Dennis Milani is one of the most popular models on the Internet. Its European style, small waist and perfect back are all charms, but the most beautiful thing is always her bust. The number, in addition, her looks are similar to the Hollywood movie star Julia Roberts.