Li Meizhen (Evenni) profile

Li Meizhen (Evenni) information

  • Name Li Meizhen (Evenni)
  • Zodiac Gemini
  • Height 173
  • Birthday 1985-05-22
  • Measurements B81(D) W61 H86
  • Born China Taipei, Taiwan
  • Professional Model, host
  • Interest Cooking, photography, singing (ingen), make-up, walking
  • Collections 6 collections
  • Views 20904

Li Meizhen, nicknamed Kexi Evenni, Taiwanese model sister, graduated from Fu Jen University, specializing in hosting programs, in addition to beautyleg special models, also attended various commercial activities. She is a sunny girl who can host programs in fluent Chinese and Taiwanese. She has a sweet smile like a sun, long hair and a thin waist. The legs are more than 105cm long. The legs are beautiful and the body proportion is very good.