Chiaki Kiyatake (Chiaki? Kyan) profile

Chiaki Kiyatake (Chiaki? Kyan) information

  • Name Chiaki Kiyatake (Chiaki? Kyan)
  • Zodiac Pisces
  • Height 158
  • Birthday 1984-03-13
  • Measurements B90(G) W59 H86
  • Born Japan Saitama Sei Tokorozawa
  • Professional Photo actress
  • Interest Comics, animation, Cosplay and games
  • Collections 9 collections
  • Views 20889

Hiroya Takeshi (Ishiya Takeshi, きゃんちあき), born in 1984 in Gifu, Saitama Prefecture, Japan, Japan's photo actress, magazine "ミスマガジン" exclusive model. Xi Yanwu, a childish big breast, studied at the Qiucao Academy short-term university, and was explored by a scout in Shibuya Harajuku, Japan, to convince her to enter the art world. After that, he began to shoot the photo album, and also participated in "Kamen Rider" and "Masked Superman."