Shinozaki Ai (Ai Shinozaki) profile

Shinozaki Ai (Ai Shinozaki) information

  • Name Shinozaki Ai (Ai Shinozaki)
  • Zodiac Pisces
  • Height 160
  • Birthday 1992-02-26
  • Measurements B92(G) W71 H88
  • Born Tokyo, Japan
  • Professional Model, photo idol
  • Interest Singing and eating good things
  • Collections 27 collections
  • Views 61279

Shinozaki Ai (Sakizaki Ai, しのざきあい) is one of Japan's most famous photo actresses, and sits on the throne of the first DVD sales, even saying it is a photo of the day. Because Shinozaki loves to have an innocent Lori face and a devil figure of the G cup, after the publication of the photo album, it is called "Japanese version of Yaoyao" and quickly became famous, popular in Japan and abroad. At present, in addition to shooting photos, Shinozaki also participates in some TV series and movies, and even enters the music scene. Shinozaki loved his first exit in 2006, when he was in the third grade of junior high school, when he was 14 years old, he went to the photo album of Chu student magazine "Chu→Bo". In 2007, readers of the "Jump" weekly magazine of Shueisha voted for the runner-up of uniformed high school students. In March 2008, Shinozaki loved the singer of the single "M" dream for the first time. In 2010, he moved from the marble-patterned office to Shinning Will. In 2011, he joined the four-person idol group "AeLL" and started a series of activities. In the same year, he also won the award of Baiquanshe's youth comic magazine "ヤングアニマル".