Miwako (Kakei Miwako) profile

Miwako (Kakei Miwako) information

  • Name Miwako (Kakei Miwako)
  • Zodiac Pisces
  • Height 166
  • Birthday 1994-03-06
  • Measurements B89(G) W60 H80
  • Born Tokyo, Japan
  • Professional Singer, actor, photo actress
  • Interest Volleyball, classical ballet
  • Collections 9 collections
  • Views 21389

笕美和子 (笕美和子, Kakei Miwako), born on March 6, 1994 in Tokyo, Japan, is a photo model and actor, and is currently a JJ exclusive model. In 2011, Yumi, a high school student, and his friends went out to participate in the selection of fashion shows. They were awarded the highest award in a model selection on September 14, 2013, and in Fujitsu, Japan in October of the same year. The program has the highest ballots. In 2012, I participated in the film "The Method of Stealing Keys" by Yuya and Kagawa, and after the publication of the photo album "The Birth of ヴィーナス" (the birth of Venus), the popularity of Twitter and blogs was soaring. At present, Amami and Son are already in Japan. Photo idol.