Aina Rina (Rina Aizawa) profile

Aina Rina (Rina Aizawa) information

  • Name Aina Rina (Rina Aizawa)
  • Zodiac Leo
  • Height 163
  • Birthday 1991-07-28
  • Measurements B78(C) W58 H80
  • Born Japan Osaka prefecture
  • Professional Actor, model
  • Interest Listening to music, wheelbarrow
  • Collections 13 collections
  • Views 31528

Feng Ze Lina (every year, あいざわりな), Japan's highly popular actress, model, graduated from Sunrise High School. When I was in the second grade of junior high school, I participated in the interview of the current office. In the interview, I said that I was not interested in the entertainment industry and I lost the election. Although I said that I was not interested, I was not unwilling to go through the interview, so I decided to participate in the interview again. In September 2006, when a family was shopping at a shopping mall in Funabashi City, Chiba Prefecture, they accidentally found an interview at the same office. Later, he entered the entertainment industry and participated in a series of TV series, such as "The Yanshen Wars", "Heaven and Earth", "Black Suit Story", and the popularity rose sharply.